Meridian Public School Pandallur, one of the leading CBSE schools in Malappuram District, basking on the lap of the serene beauty of Pandallur hills, rivers and valleys around, is situated at the heart of Pandallur. The school stands high as a dome of learning centre in the rural landscape of Pandallur for the rural folk to conquer the realm of education.

Meridian Public School  Pandallur,  a synonym for the academic  excellency, and a boon to common man in the rural area of Pandallur, is run and managed by the Pandallur Educational and Charitable Trust.

The school aims to cater the educational needs of the entire class of the people in and around Pandallur, including the socially, economic, culturally backward people and the minority communities.

 The school strives to provide quality education in pace with the scientific and technological development of the age to enable every child to meet the challenges in life and to mould the child into a responsible and patriotic citizen.

Admission to Meridian Public School Pandallur is opened to all irrespective of religion, caste, creed and sex. The school adapts the modern ways and means to ensure quality education. Apart from the academic excellency, the school is well-known for its non-academic activities. Introduction of Yoga, Karatte, Craft works, Music, mini park for children’s entertainment etc. makes the Meridian Public School Pandallur unique.

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